Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not sexy?

I was just told not to throw myself at him.  WTF?  Okay, he better not give me shit when I'm not in the mood.


Anonymous said...

((Deb)) Sorry.

BTW, I saw your original comment on my post and commented back to clarify.

Laura said...


Is J. generally not okay with you initiating sexual relations? If so, it seems like that might be something the two of you might want to explore in couples counseling. It's okay for him to say no if he doesn't feel like having sex, but it's absolutely not okay for him to say stuff like "don't throw yourself at me," as if there were something wrong with you for having a libido that exists independently of his.

stacey said...

Aw Deb. That sucks.

Wennndy said...

(((Deb))) Sheesh. Wow. Not sure what to say.

Is he still alive? :D

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