Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The weather today was absolute perfection.  A warm 75 & sunny.  

We got home from work & barbecued some lean pork chops for dinner.  While they slow cooked on the grill, we planted some day lilies.  Tonight I'm sitting on the deck off of the addition; drinking a glass of Yellow Tail Cabernet-Merlot & enjoying the warmth of the evening.

My eating was pretty good today.  I had 2 bite sized snickers & a starburst.  Freakin' docs keep shit in their offices.  But other than that I was perfect.  

I haven't run since Saturday.  Need to get out tomorrow for a 5 miler.  

On Friday, we begin construction on the deck that will attach to this one via stairs.  It is going to be 20+X15 and will go right up to the pool.  I've been sitting on my deck chairs where the new deck will go.  Pretending.  

We hung our Terracotta Sun God Harley Dude tonight.  He is overlooking the pool deck.  I swear when I hung him, he smiled bigger & his face glowed.  I'll post a picture in the near future.

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