Saturday, April 26, 2008

5.5 miles in 59 minutes & 58 seconds!!!

My last long run before the 10 miler.  It is the longest run I've done outside.  I know I probably will peter out before I reach 10 next Sunday but I'll be happy with whatever I do.  

I'm happy with the run.  It had a couple of long "hills--both more than 1/2 mile from bottom to crest.  My hiney is gonna hurt.  I wanted to quit more than once but kept my eye on the prize & gave myself small obtainable goals throughout.  

I'll do some yoga tomorrow.

Oh & my weight is moving a little.  I'm at 152; I'd like to get down to 145 by the time I have my surgery.  We'll see.   My belly is pissing me off.  

If the weather is good tomorrow, John & I are going to go to a Camden Riversharks game.  It is our first minor league game.  We're not huge baseball fans but thought this would be a fun date.  


Wennndy said...

Congrats, Deb! WTG! I hope your legs feel OK later, hehhehheh.

Sounds like a fun date!!!

Anonymous said...


Is the race next weekend?

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