Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Three miles

I broke 3 miles today--on the elliptical because all the treadmills were taken but I bumped it up to level 2 to make it tough.  It feels really good.  I wish my legs wore sore from yesterday but, sadly, nope.  

A friend of mine came by the office today.  He's a sweet, young thing...Not as young as Marie's but still--30, I think.  He's a doll-baby.  Nice looking, funny, smart as hell.  But there's something not quite right about him.  Eh, anyway, he came by & I learned that he's NASM certified today.  We were talking about my shoulder & working out.  He told me that he'd kick my booty after my shoulder was rehabbed.  Then he made me do wall squats for him.  Little shit!  LOL

Hopefully I'll feel that tomorrow.

I did better eating today.

1/4 c oatmeal (raw, then cooked)
Breakstone Cottage Cheese with pineapple (one of those doubles things)
2 pears
South Beach Diet High Protein snack bar
6.5 oz tuna
2 tbs Marie's Creamy Garlic Caesar
6 oz salmon
1/3 cup rice 
mixed vegis

Oh, I have had half & half in my coffee.  Once my quart is gone, I'll go back to using 1% milk.  Dammit.

I was going to get for my Mac but it's a PC only tool.  Again, Dammit. 


Wennndy said...

Fitday is missing out by not having a Mac option, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"but there is something not quite right about him" MWAHAHAHAHA...

WTG on the three miles! That's so awesome. And you sound like you're getting ahead of the eating thing, so that rocks, too.

How are things with John?

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