Saturday, March 8, 2008

3.1 in 35 min 37 seconds!

Got a late start on the treadmill yesterday because the physical therapy folks were getting an "in service" on a new piece of equipment.  So I power walked around the atrium for 10 minutes then got on & started jogging.  I paced myself between 5 & 6 miles an hour (no incline).  I broke the 3 mile mark at just over 34 minutes.  I wanted to get to 5k so kept going.  I felt really good after.  I continued for my cool down & finished my workout at 40 minutes with a total of 3.33 on the treadmill.  My Polar HRM tells me I burned 573 calories in all!  Go me! 

Food wise I did better yesterday.  I did have movie theater buttered popcorn last night along with my cosmos but eh, I didn't eat Burger King or Mickey D's.  LOL  

My sweet, young thing that popped in is not that kind of sweet, young thing.  Though I used to think there was a time when if I pursued he could be.  But I just never wanted him that way.  Even though he's older, there is the same age difference between him & Erin as there is between John & me.  I always thought he'd make a great son-in-law.  He did take her out a couple of times a couple years back.  She really digged him but he is just too...who knows.  He always asks about her & says he wants to call her but he doesn't.  Eh.

John & I are doing pretty well.  We have therapy this afternoon.  Then we're going to my friend, Leanne's daughter's birthday party.  I'm probably going to go ahead & move back into the house at the end of the month.  I know that I have to just jump or it's just not going to happen.  I don't want to live with the fear that we're going to end up in this situation in a few years any way.  If we do, we do.  

Despite all the crap we've been through in the past few (hell our entire married life) I do enjoy his company.  Sex is actually getting better.  I've read a couple of articles that said that porn addicts are messed up in the bedroom.  I don't know if that's why he sucked in bed but lately, yeah, I'm happy.  Outside of that, we're actually having fun.  

So, we'll see.

I've offered my apartment to a girl at work.  I'm trying to convince her to take it for $800 a month.  You can't touch apartments for that in NJ.  My lease says that if I sublet I'm still responsible but doesn't say that I can't sublet.  So, I'm hoping this girl will take it.  She's trustworthy & I think I'll be okay.  Yes, we would have our own lease agreement.  Yes, I'd make her give me a security deposit.  If she'll take it, I will be putting $650/a month (the difference between the actual rent & what she would pay) in our pockets instead of having to pay out $6650 to get out of the lease.  The reason I'm not asking her for full rent is to make this proposition a little more attractive to her.  She would have to move out November 1st & that, as you know, sucks.  It would give her a chance to have her own place (she lives in the dorms) & put a little bit aside for now.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Well, time to get moving.  This morning I'm going to do squats, step ups, & lunges.  I'm going to use a 45 lb bar for my squats, 20 lb bells for step ups & lunges.  If I can walk tomorrow I'm hoping to run outside!  

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Wennndy said...

Hope the workout went well!

I'll keep my fingers x'd for you on the subletting situation. Sounds like a fair solution to the problem.

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