Thursday, March 27, 2008

Musical Marathons

I was asked to join a group of peeps from the med group to do the Philadelphia Distance Race in September.  How cool to run a half marathon serenaded by rock bands.  LOL

I am a little afraid to commit.  My fear is that I won't be recovered enough to train but I'm seriously considering.  I mean, I'll be doing 10 miles in early May & could plan on doing at least 1 more long run just before my surgery.  Then after my surgeon gives me the go ahead to start I shouldn't be too far behind the power curve.  I do expect some serious set back in my training but I think I'll recover pretty quickly--like muscle memory, right?  

I actually feel pretty honored that I was asked to run with this group.  They are the "cool" kids at work.  It's pretty "high school" to think that way but I do.  

Today's leg workout entailed the following:

Step - ups 3 x 12 @ 15 lbs (didn't have 20s at work)
Lunges  1 x 12 @ 15, 1 x 12 @ 12, 1 x 12 @ 15
Side lunges 1 x 12 (each side) @ 8 lbs 

I went light on the side lunges because my legs are pretty well fried & I wasn't sure how they would feel.  I will be increasing my weight on those.  

I need to find (make) time to work my core.  I'm going to try some pikes on the ball this weekend.  See how my shoulder feels.  I am also considering some of those Turkish getups.  We'll see how my legs feel after my 3 miles tomorrow.

I'm thinking about buying the Super Swim Pro to help me train at home after I recover.  


Anonymous said...

Deb, are pikes really indicated under the current situation? There's lots of other core stuff to do - you have the NROL books, right? Because particularly in the 4W version there's lots of core stuff that doesn't put stress on your shoulders.

And that's so awesome about the race!

Wennndy said...

What she said! On both counts. :)

When you try the getups, if you can, hold the weight at your chest WITH BOTH HANDS and keep it there.

Laura said...

When is your surgery scheduled for? If it's within a month of race day the half might be iffy ... but then again it might not depending on how consistently you train up until the time of your surgery. If you're doing a 10-miler in May you theoretically should be more than ready for 13.1 mile race in September, but as you say, the surgery will definitely set you back in terms of your training.

Can't hurt to sign up, though :) Even if you need to walk most of it, it should be a blast.

As an unweighted alternative to the get-ups, you might try the "Dreya rolls" from P90X. The concept is very similar, except with the Dreya rolls you get a little momentum going that helps you get up on your feet.

How's Erin doing? I reallyreallyreally hope she's hanging tough, because Eric doesn't sound like he's ready to be monogamous.

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