Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breaking through!

God dammit my life is boring. I have no sweet, young, nekkid man picutes to post. Nor do I have a flat stomach like Marie. Sigh.

But alas, poppycock & balderdash (because I think we all need to add that in our blogs just beause); I did work out...

I think I might actually be able to do this 10 mile thing!!! I set a goal today of hitting 40 minutes in full jog (5-5.5 mph).

3.1 miles hit at 36 minutes 48 seconds; 4 miles 46 minutes 25 seconds,

Total workout including cool down: 4.29 miles 51 minutes 33 seconds,

601 calories burned; 13 minutes 57 seconds “in the zone;” average HR 160; max hr 183, max speed 6.0


Anonymous said...

Hey, great job on the run!!! That's awesome.

And the flat ab thing is a total illusion, lmao... however I DO enjoy the nekkid young man. Heh.

Wennndy said...

Great job!!!!


Balderdash! Poppycock! Heavens to Betsy!

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