Sunday, March 30, 2008

No planks; no yoga

We ended up working in the yard for several hours today so I didn't do yoga at all.  The yard is looking marvy.  Next weekend we are going to start digging holes for footings for the deck that will go between the deck attached to the house & the pool. 

My run times from Friday...

1.5 in 16 min 38 sec (best time so far)
3.1 in 36 min 18 sec
3.29 in 37 min 48 sec

I was so sore Friday night I thought maybe I over did but I felt okay yesterday afternoon.  Tomorrow I will do 5 miles.  I'm both excited & nervous.  Excited because I've never run like I'm running now.  Nervous because I have never run like this before.  

I am trying to convince John to run with me.  He used to be (like 18 years ago) an avid runner.    He used to lift weights.  Now he's just lazy.  He complains about his gut but isn't doing anything about it.  Sigh.  He is more than 50 years old I guess he's allowed to be lazy.  

Nothing else to talk about.  See ya.


Wennndy said...

He is more than 50 years old I guess he's allowed to be lazy.

Hahahaha! That cracks me up! :)

Good job on your run times! I am happy for you.

I'm jealous that you're able to do yard work. We still have snow.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are going very well. :-) I'm glad for you.

And I'm with Wendy on the yardwork. We don't have snow but I suspect it will snow until May!

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