Monday, February 11, 2008

No surgery date

I do need surgery but it won't happen until April. I won't have an exact date for at least 2, possibly 3 weeks. I'm not supposed to lift anything & absolutely no swimming. She was surprised to hear that it doesn't hurt when I run & okayed that. Looks like I'll be walking the Race for the Cure 5k instead of running. Bummer.

John is on his way to my parents house tonight. He is going to talk to them about what has been happening with him over the last several years. He wants to apolgozie for letting them down. His idea. I'm nervous for him.

I have been eating like shit lately. I can't bitch about my weight if I don't eat right. I do okay for part of the day then blow it completely. Binge like I've never eaten before. It totally sucks. When I do eat right I eat all the right stuff in all the right ratios at a decent caloric intake (about 1800) so I shouldn't be doing this. Yet here I sit after having eaten 8 Girl Scout shortbread cookies & a Big Mac & Fries for lunch. Dumb ass!

I didn't run outside today because it was only 14 degrees when I went to the doctor this morning. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical which blows. The elliptical is much harder than running & my legs are fried. Sigh.

Erin wants to do the workouts from NROL4W! She likes the idea that the workouts are short & kick ass. I told her I want her to wait for me to be around so that I can make sure she is using good form becaus she TOTALLY DOES NOT. I love that she wants to start getting serious about weights.


Wennndy said...

I hope it all went well with John and your parents, and that you can get a surgery date soon so this thing will be a distant memory. :)

Anonymous said...

Not that it's any of my business, but is John going to tell them about the porn thing?? Sheesh, that would be a rough convo, that's for sure. My parents would be like, "A simple 'I have misbehaved' would suffice!" :-)

Wennndy said...

LOL. I was wondering about that too, Marie! :)

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