Saturday, February 9, 2008

Man Up!

I ran 3.4 miles in 40 minutes today! Go me! I did mostly steady state but I increased my speed to 6 mph a couple of times for 1/4 mile at a time. Then I would drop my speed to 4.5 for a 1.5 minute cool down. I kept my speed between 5 & 5.5 mph for a few minutes. My goal in running is to increase my endurance & then increase my speed. Weather permitting, I am going to do my first outdoor run of the season on Monday.

Tonight I came over to John's so I could do legs. I told John that I was going to hurt my legs because Wendy said so. John asked me if Wendy told me to jump off a bridge, would I? My response? If it makes my legs look hot, you betcha!

I did:

Leg extensions 3x12 @ 40 lbs
Leg curls 3x12 @ 35 lbs
Step ups 3x12 @ 20 lb 'bells

Take that Wendy!

If I can walk on Tuesday, I'm going to do 60 lb squats & 20 lbs lunges. I can't do deadlifts because they kill my back. I don't know if I have crappy form or if it's just my spastic back but whatever. So any suggestions for a third leg exercise that can be done with 'bells or a bar?

I was starting to feel week during my last set of step ups & asked Erin to come in to be my "trainer" and make me keep going. During the last set of myright leg Erin yells, "Man up!" I almost dropped the bells because she made me laugh.

Erin is my little hero! She can do 3, yes, 3 overhand pull-ups! All the way to straight arms & then all the way up.

She was very excited when I came over tonight. She found a dance stuio that allows "walk ins" for lessons. It's only a few blocks from whre she goes to school. She is hoping that she'll be able to take a class between classes on Wednesday afternoons when she has a 2 hour break.

I bought John PS3 (cuz we couldn't find a Wii & he didn't want to wait) for his birthday. He's now sitting in front of the TV with a beer trying to figure out the controller! Actually he would have waited but right now the games that are available don't really interest him. He's into death & destruction & Wii seems to have fewer games like that than PS3.

Monday is the big day--I see the orthopedist at 9:45. I'm really looking forward to finding out what I can & can't do until I have surgery. I'm going to ask if I can start physical therapy to strengthen the shoulder before surgery. That's probably wishful thinking but a girl has to have hopes, right?

I was over at today & saw the NROL4W Challenge pictures. I saw UConnJulie's picture for the first time today. Don't ask me why but I had this picture of her in my head that SOOOO does not match what she truly looks like. I was a little disappointed & a little glad.

Disappointed because I have read her advice & respected her with much the same level of respect that I have for Wendy. To see her size was a little upsetting. It always bugs me when people can give such great advice on fitness & nutrition but don't appear to use it themselves.

Glad because she's REAL woman. She has weight issues, too. So there.


Anonymous said...

Huh, sounds like things are going really well for you. I'm glad to hear it. :-)

Do you have the NROL4W book? Because there are a ton of body weight type lower body exercises in the exercise section.

And I know what you mean about that woman over on that board. I actually have a link to her doing deads on my blog (she's the one with the iffy form, too). I try not to judge, either, but I did expect she'd be in much better shape. Ah, well.

Wennndy said...

Some people present very well online but ... well ... ya know. It's the Internet. :) In the same vein, I had a morbidly obese client who knows just about everything there is to know about diet and nutrition.

Good job on the workout! I'd love to actually SEE you doing some Romanian deadlifts so we can get your form down and make them part of your arsenal. I'm pretty sure if you went at them slowly you'd be able to do them, but they'd have to be done with care until your back got stronger (in fact, I think they'd help your back in the long run ... they did mine).

How about doing some side lunges?

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