Monday, February 4, 2008

I hate my body!

I gain weight entirely too easily & it takes too much to take it off. I had wings & a beer during the game last night & today I'm up 2 lbs from last Monday. I was PERFECT all week. THIS FUCKING SUCKS!

GIRL SCOUTS ARE FROM THE DEVIL! They are everywhere & I love me a thin mint cookie. I had 2 today. That's all. I will not allow myself anymore than that--they are at John's house so I can't get to them without putting my coat & shoes on, getting into my car, & driving over to get them. Smart strategy, huh? Yeah, I thought so, too.

Okay crying over. I will just have to try harder this week.

On Sunday I did a killer leg workout...

2 1/2 minutes on the elliptical at level 2 for warm-up (that's harder than it sounds)

2x12 @ 25 lbs, 1x12 @ 35 lbs leg extensions
3x12 @ 30 lbs leg curls
2x12 @ 8 lbs db, 1x12 @ 10 lb db step ups

Not too shabby.

Wendy--any suggestions on what I could be doing, or am I doing okay? Do you think twice a week will be good enough? I really do wish I could come up there & have you train me.

Oh & your 5 comments on my last post made me laugh! I've been thinking about a road trip--wonder if I could get Marie to join me???

Oh & yes, I can do abs. I've been doing Cathe's Core Max but haven't posted it. I need to get my stability ball from the house so I can do the stuff on the ball. I think I might even be able to do some planks. I've been told if it doesn't hurt, I can do it but even the slightest twinge I should stop (& I do).

I'm going to have to get my eating under control because once I have surgery that's the only way I'll be able to lose this body fat. It's not the healthiest way but it will be the only way. I hate that!!!


Anonymous said...

You ladies are out of control!

And I am always up for a road trip.


Wennndy said...

You can lift WAY HEAVIER, Deb. Go up to 40 lbs on the leg extensions next time. Yes, your quad is going to burn like heck but so what!?!

Also, I want you holding 20 lb 'bells on your last set of stepups next time (unless it bothers your shoulder). Also, is your step high enough? Your knee should be at a 90 degree angle.


Still want to train with me?


Twice a week is plenty.

I was just reading something about fat loss with exercise vs. diet ... lemme see if I can find a link (it's from alwyn so you know it's good, LOL) ...

Come on up for a roadtrip!!!! If you come to Maine though it's much better when it's not winter. :D Unless you're into the whole snowmobile thing, which I am not.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate yourself because you're beautiful.


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