Saturday, February 2, 2008

Acute reaction to stress

That's the official diagnosis--which really isn't a diagnosis but it says I'm not nuts. No, I did not think I am nuts but it's nice to have a doctor tell you that you are not nuts. Dr. Dillon Savard is not only a young hottie, he is a very astute doctor. We had a good talk while I was in his exam room. Unfortunately both of us had our clothes on. LOL Seriously, we talked about all the crap that's been going on both personally & professionally & then we talked about what course of meds I will take. For now I'm going to take some klonopin to get me through the next couple of weeks. I'll know in a week when my surgery will be scheduled & if I need something more long term I'll get it.

Sad thing is that I really do like my job. I just can't get it all done in an 8 hour day & for what they pay me, I refuse to work overtime for free anymore. Did I tell you I gave my boss an ultimatum before wigging out? Yep, give me help or pay me overtime. I got help for a whopping 2 hours. With the promise to look into getting something more permanent. I've been hearing that for a year. So, if my work starts to suffer fuck em! Yeah, right. I'm too anal retentive to allow that to happen. I'll get over this & end up "volunteering" my time again in short order. Dammit to hell.

Okay, enough about that. I hope Wendy is having a decent weekend & that Doug isn't making her too nuts.

I did manage to get in 3 cardio workouts this week & 1 semi-weight workout. I hate that I can't do upper body stuff. I don't feel like I'm doing my body justice. We'll see.

Today I will do leg extensions, leg curls, & step-ups. I am really looking forward to it. I love working my legs!


Wennndy said...

I'm glad you are feeling more in control of the situation, Deb. That helps so much, understanding what's going on. :)

Wennndy said...

p.s. come work legs with me! we do it till we almost puke twice a week. that's why i have a dread factor, lol.

Wennndy said...

p.p.s. can you do some abs too? that might help you feel like you're doing "more" with your workouts, but it sure sounds like you're doing more than most people!

Wennndy said...

p.p.p.s. thank you for the good wishes.

Wennndy said...

p.p.p.p.s. just wanted to add another comment for fun because I don't think i've left enough yet. LOL!

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