Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quick Answers to Marie & update

1) I'm still pursuing the AF application. It amazes me that recruiters whine that they can't meet their goals. I've called & am still waiting for him to call me back.

The process is going to take a long time. The Board doesn't meet until October & I have a lot to do to prepare. I need to take the GMAT--I didn't have to take it for my MBA. I need 3 letters of recommendation & I have to get my ass in shape (reparied & rebuilt).

2) I'm not doing any exercises that cause any discomfort on my shoulder. No planks, no push-ups, no pull-ups. Darn it.


I finally got my referral for ortho. Dr. Laura Ross comes highly recommended by both Jason Musser & a friend that runs marathons. Unfortunately this comes at a price in time. I can't see her until February 11. In the mean time, I'm going to talk to my doctor on Monday & see if I can't start doing some sort of physical therapy to strengthen my shoulder.

I cannot sit still any more!!!

I am going to do some cardio & leg work today. I will hold a single 10 lb weight to do squats, lunges, & deadlifts.

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