Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Jason did take a look at my MRI--I was in search of "my" doc but he was in his office so he got the pleasure. He said it could be a tear or it could be degeneration but immediately entered the referral to an orthopedist that he respects. As it turns out she is also the same orthopedist that my friend, Pam, liked. Pam told me that Dr. Ross understands a female athlete. VERY IMPORTANT to me.

I just spent a few minutes with Erin & Alana. Alana is off to Bulivia to do 2 months of student teaching. I'm not sure how that translates to teaching in the US but I am so excited for her. It's a little disconcerting to watch this young woman (who wants to Rox with me in August!!!) go off to a foreign country. When I look at her I still see the 11 year old that used to spend the night curled up on my family room couch with my daughter.

Funny story about Alana...when she was still a little girl she called to talk to Erin one afternoon. I answered the phone & recognized her voice but gave her a little kidding, "who is this?"

She responded with, "Alana."

"Alana who," I questioned.

"Alana me, Alana R...." came this sweet little reply.

To this day she is Alana Me at our house. I did ask her if that bothers her & that I would stop calling her that if she wanted me to. She told me no she likes it because it lets her know that I still love her today as much as I did when she was a little girl. AAAAHHHH! I really do. In fact I probably love her more because now we relate as adults rather than little girl to adult.

I stayed pretty much on program with my diet today. No, I stayed on program. I'm eating clean again & doing pretty well. I did 7 miles on the stationary bike in 30 minutes & then did 11 minutes of Cathe's Core Max.

I'm off to bed now.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, is exercise really indicated in your current condition? Not trying to be paternalistic or anything (ye gads) but I'd hate to see you do more damage. Maybe you should hold off (at least on some of the core stuff, which if I recall correctly also uses the arms a lot for planks and such) until after you see the ortho.

Ok, worried mom mode off. :-)

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