Tuesday, January 8, 2008

For Wendy...

This was written by my friend Jason Musser (Jason in my friends section of my myspace page). He wrote this today after thinking about his impending deployment.

He's a really good friend (not that way). He's been my shoulder through a lot of stuff. Smacked me around when I need it.

When I read Marie's comment on her blog about having to go "all the way through it," I was remnded of Jason's poem. It's not what he had in mind but a break up has to be "walked through."

So here it is...

by Jason L. Musser (C) 2008

Emotion is such a slippery slope
on the terrain of life.

Grief, sadness, anxiety
are by far the worst.

You know that you need
to traverse and negotiate them
to deal with them
and put them to bed.

But each step on the slope
leaves you feeling
precariously balanced.

Like you'll lose your footing
and slide down
to the rocks...

Jutting from the sides,
sticking up from the bottom
waiting for you...

And you can't just ignore it,
it's the biggest obstacle
in your way
on the trip.

It has to be surmounted,
it has to be crossed,
it has to be dealt with.

Those poor fools
thinking they can bypass it,
leaving it behind,
not dealing with it.

Not knowing not crossing it
will plunge them into the rocks
of depression
and anger
and grief.

Still the slope
is treacherous
and slipery.

One step makes you feel
like you'll drop
and lose yourself
and your control

and yourself...

Can't wait all day,
tons more people
behind me,
waiting to try.

I can talk to someone,
get a life line
to lower myself through it.

And come out
on the other side.

Not without wounds
or tears

But alive...

On the other side.


Anonymous said...

That is a very nice poem. :-)

Whatever happened to the AF app? Are you applying?

Wennndy said...

That is a nice poem, Deb. Thanks for sharing!

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