Sunday, December 30, 2007

I want new art!

I have two new tats picked out. I think I might go on New Year's Day. I've got to call Robert tomorrow & see if he is working. I am going to put the butterfly on my back & the dragonfly on my belly.
I'm supposed to have dinner with John tonight. I am not really feeling it. He came over last night & we watched a little "Deadliest Catch." It was okay. The thing is this...I am not feeling that he is truyly sorry for what has happened in our marriage. What I hear from him is "I'm doing everything you have told me to do. What more do you want?" He hasn't said those words; it's an attitude that I'm observing (could it be imagined?).

Maybe its me. I don't know. Maybe this was just an excuse for me to get out. I don't know. I wish I didn't feel this way.

Maybe I just need to suck it up & go back. My life wasn't that bad. We had decent times together. We have a decent life. Our home is beautiful & we can do just about whatever we want whenever we want to. So maybe I should just go home. Give me a few more months & we'll see how I feel.

ETA: I have started a list of books I'm reading in 2008. Okay, so it's still technically 2007 but I am currently reading these books & will not finish them until 2008. So I have them there.

Thanks for the list idea Marie. I should check out some of your books.

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