Thursday, December 20, 2007


We met with John's accountability partner & his wife tonight. Jim & Ruth are from our church. Jim has dealt with some similar issues to John's. Not porn but serious deception & shit. I've always thought I would like this couple. I feel that I could become friends with them.

The nice thing about our meeting tonight was that though they did say they would love to see us reconcile they didn't say it HAS TO HAPPEN the way some others have. I'm so surprised by the way so many people that we have confided in have been supportive but not pushing us to reconcile. Yes, there have been those couple of people that have but for the most part I'm finding support & concern & love but not a push to reconcile. I'm grateful for that.

If we're going to get back together, it has to be for the right reasons at the right time. The right things--what those are I can't say--have to happen. Tonight may have been one of the steps towards that but I am not rushing into that.

My friend, Leanne, gave me this glass for Christmas. She knows that I'm not sure about getting divorced but she thought it was cute--and so do I.

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