Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sick & other stuff

Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good. I thought I was over the worst of this damn cold. Still I took it easy; even napped for more than an hour during the day. By evening I was feeling like shit again. My mother thought I was running a fever. Today I am feeling worse than I did yesterday. Ugh

Last Thursday I did a good walk/run on the treadmill. It felt wonderful to move again. I can't wait to get over this cold so that I can begin doing some sort of training. I can't do upper body work because I have torn something in my left shoulder that I really need to get looked at. Back in June I threw a case of 35--16 oz botttles of water into the trunk of my car in a fit of rage. John & I were fighting. I felt a pop in my shoulder. I didn't pay much attention to the pain that I had on & off since. Today I can't lift my arm out to the side past shoulder level without pain. Sigh. I am going to make an appointment next week.

In the meantime I am going to concentrate on running & doing lower body work. I can do this in the physical therapy room during my lunch hour. I can shower after so I'm not returning to work all sweaty.

I'm going to make my goal to run the The Broad Street Run on May 4. Then I'll do the Race for the Cure the following week. Maybe. If my shoulder is rehabilitated I want to do SheRox again.

I'm looking forward to moving in 12 days. I have almost everything I need/want for the apartment. I still need to buy a coffee maker, microwave, silverware, & knives but that can wait until next week.

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