Tuesday, October 23, 2007

back from vacation & making decisions

The Poconos were beautiful. Warm & sunny the entire time.

While away I decided it was time to be on my own. I'm moving into an apartment. I'm moving into The Village at Stoney Run. I'm getting the 1 bedroom with a den model. Not the one with a fireplace. They will put a door on the den at no additional cost to give me 2 bedrooms. So there.

We are refinancing the house. John is buying me out. I'm getting my bedroom set.

I'm sad.


Anonymous said...

((Deb)) I'm sorry, hon. I know this is really, really hard for you. Divorce sucks no matter which way you cut it BUT it will get better. Ok, I'm not the best role model for peaceful post-divorce living (hehe) BUT I wouldn't trade my single status back for my marriage for anything. It cost me too much in terms of who I am, and I suspect it's been the same for you. So hang in there.

And congrats on the new place!!! That's awesome, and with two bedrooms, Erin can come and spend weekends with you. Can you have a pet? Maybe you can get a cat for company... I have four, I would love to thin out my herd... (wow, how self serving was that! lol but a cat is good company)

Wennndy said...

I'm sorry, Deb. :(

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