Sunday, July 3, 2011

I started to post this as a comment in Wendy's blog but thought it would make a good post for my blog since I haven't updated in a few days (need to do the other one, too).

I've been doing a lot of emotional eating this weekend. Happy eating.

Thursday night Steve got home earlier than we anticipated -- he surprised me! We ended up ordering pizza & wings. Burp.

Yesterday we spent the day shopping & cleaning the yard. We stopped at Arby's for lunch & then had ribs, beans, & corn for dinner. Oh & because it was such a good day I wanted ice cream...Dairy Queen. Did I get a small? Nope, medium chocolate, cookie dough, fudge blizzard. OH. MY. GOD!

Oh, Steve wanted waffles. Not just any waffles. I did homemade waffles. Had to buy a waffle maker. LOL

And I wonder why I'm up 3 lbs. HAHAHAHAHA

It's all happy eating. I remember reading about Sandi eating with Pete & thinking she was out of her fucking mind. I get it. It's so nice to feel happy but I'm starting to feel fluffy, too.

I have a photoshoot in 8 weeks. I need to get it in check. Right now.


Kim said...

I'm lost. Who's Steve?

Deb said...

Oh boy! I guess I've left you out of the loop, Kim. I'm sorry.

Steve is my boyfriend. I started seeing him a few months ago & have left John. Things are good. Steve is a wonderful man! I am happier than I have ever been.

I'm getting fat.

Kim said...

All caught up now, then, I guess! LOL! All I care about is that my friends are happy and I'm glad you are... great food and great company are two of the finer enjoyments in life. I have no doubt you won't get too out of control with your weight. Plan ahead! Practice damage control!

Doin the Math said...

See how much fun it is? :) LOL

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