Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I haven't been working out consistently. I really need to find that grove again. I'm hoping to do something in a bit but woke with a migraine. Steve drove all over town to find Excedrin at 0600 this morning. God bless his hero complex! I'm still sitting in the dark but I'm feeling a little better.

I posted on facebook that I ate 1/2 lb of fudge yesterday. I am surprised that I'm not up a lb or 2 but I'm not.

I am taking my diet to extreme for the next couple of days...Really dialing in & not deviating. Is that extreme? I guess not. But for 3 days I can do that. I can keep it in check in short spurts. I will re-attack on Saturday & create more small goals.

I'm going to meet Erin for mani/pedis on Saturday morning & then we're going to lunch. It will be healthy & nutritious. No fried foods. Salad.

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Kim said...

Way to get back on the wagon, Deb!

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