Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated. I hope to be better about it now that life is getting into a new routine. This blog is going public...nothing to hide anymore.

My scale at the old house is either wrong or I've lost weight! I'm down to 143.7 this morning. Steve bought me a new scale. I like it. LOL I though about getting a body fat scale but decided that might make me crazier than I already am about the scale.

I took 2 weeks off & went on a re-feed of sorts. I didn't care about what I ate. Today I'm back at it. I went back to the gym on Thursday & had 2 good strong workouts this past week.

Stephanie Keenan is putting together a photo shoot scheduled for August 24. I'm in! Erin & I are hoping to do Mother-Daughter photos. How cool will that be?! Suggestions are needed for outfits. We want to get complimentary outfits to wear.

So my plan for the next 8 weeks...Eat right, exercise. We're going to Maine right in the middle of this. Guess I won't be eating as much chowdah & fried fish as I thought I might. LOL I'm going to take a bunch of functionals & workouts to do on the beach.


Wennndy said...

Yay! The bodyrock and functionals will be perfect for you during that phase of getting ready.

I think you should wear some kind of matching/complementary sports bras and shorts. Not matchy/matchy, but complementary colors. Every time I go to Dick's, it seems like Nike and Under Armour have some cute stuff that kind of goes together. (Within the brands, not between them. :) )

Doin the Math said...

Check out too. They have cute skorts and tops this year!

Kim said...

I was going to tell you on FB to update your blog! LOL!! Congrats on the weightloss and upcoming photoshoot!

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