Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ab shot

As I was getting dressed for the shower yesterday I was watching myself in my full length mirror. I couldn't believe it...ABS not just a little bit maybe abs but ABS almost a 6 pack!!!! I took a picture of myself in my bra & panties. I only sent it to Wendy & Sandi because I don't have phone numbers for everyone . And if it turns up anywhere I'll know who did it. lol I deleted it from my phone immediately. I'm afraid of the boys at work seeing it. LOL

The shower was okay. Chelsea & I talked shit about everyone. Ronda, aka the Bride, treats her man like shit! She literally dragged him around by his arm & talked down to him. His smile reminds me of someone trying to take a shit.

I ate a little of everything & am happy to report no damage done! I'm learning. I'm learning. I enjoyed myself without over indulging.

Wendy, thanks for the info about going 2 lbs down. I had never heard it from anyone but was actually thinking that might be smart. Especially given that 2 lbs is exactly what freaks me out.

I walked 3 miles yesterday. Today I'm going out for another 3 & going to throw in some hill sprints. The walk will take me about a mile out to a hill. I'll do 3 or 4 sprints & then walk home.

It's going to be another beautiful day today! Spring is arriving for us here in NJ.


Doin the Math said...

Oh good Lord! If she's dragging him around and talking down to him now, what will it be like 5 years from now??????

Kim said...

Props on ABS. You earned 'em!

stacey said...

Hooray for visible abs. That rocks.

Wennndy said...

And what an ab shot it was. :)

Wennndy said...

I put a wolf whistle in there but used brackets so Blogger ate it. HAHAHA!

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