Monday, March 21, 2011

taking off from Laura's being frumpy post

I have posted that I've been catching up on Weeds. This guy, Steve, that I work with & I have been throwing lines around the office--we're watching it at like a book club kind of thing. Watch & discuss. We are only in season 2. Last week we saw the episode where from when Mihalya starts dating the Muslem guy & her daughter says their women dress like beekeepers. I wore a skirt on Thursday because it was warm enough to get away with it. Steve told me that I should be dressed like a beekeeper because it was making it hard for him to concentrate. LOL

Can't wait to wear my dresses again. I always feel frumpy in the winter. This year I'm going to ROCK my dresses with my smaller, tighter body.

Again, thank you, Sandi for supporting me & eating the pizza & cookies I wanted to eat out of a sense of fuck this & the good damned fight to look good. I can face another week.

Tomorrow is my check in day & I think I'm going to be down a lb from last week!!!! So much for the fickle scale. lol


Doin the Math said...

I took the bullet for you, but that was it. I'm BACK! :) I cooked! Yay! lol

stacey said...

Deb, you are doing great. I am so happy for you. We are starting to get some sunshine and flowers here which is wonderful. I am so over this winter.

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