Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Step away from the scale

I have made a decision to stay the hell off the scale for the remainder of the week & to stay off it except on Saturday mornings when I weigh in. I still have 4 more weeks with LE because I didn't opt out right away & my payment came out today. Oopsie. I will opt out after this month. I'm done with it.

The reason for the scale decision is to see if I can "psych" myself into eating appropriate meals & portions if I don't have the scale telling me what I'm going. Sort of my own version of Rachel Cosgrove's thermometer jeans challenge.

It's going to be really hard because I have the big monster in the basement next to the refrigerator that holds my meals & there is one in the gym locker room right next to where I usually park my stuff. I'll be moving my stuff at the gym. The refrigerator can't be moved & I don't want to move the scale for a couple of reasons. Most importantly I want to learn the self-discipline to stay the hell off it. The other reason is that I do want to be able to weigh in nekkid once a week. I won't do that out in the garage.'s my bad girl news. I broke & yes I meant Stacey. lol. I have the Venus Index. I haven't had much of a chance to read it. First impression...It's aimed at people that don't know you can't spot reduce. I should have gotten that out of the sales pitch. And they use "tone" far too often. I hate that. Eh. First glance of the workouts...I think I can modify them by lifting heavy. I haven't looked at the diet because that's not what I really was interested in.

Wendy posted on facebook that she was looking for women over 40 to do a survey for her...Did you see it? Did you do it? I did. It's going to be interesting to see what she does with that.


stacey said...

Staying off of the scale can be hard. I sometimes get a little crazy with it. I know it doesn't tell the whole tale, but still.

Thanks for the tip on Wendy's survey. I hadn't seen that. I am trying to phase out my facebook existence a little bit.

Wennndy said...

I like the scale. It keeps me honest, because at my size 3 pounds makes more of a difference than you'd think. Sigh. But I try not to beat myself up over it.

Deb and I split the cost of the Venus Index haha. :) I wanted to see what it was about. The workouts are solid little things and I am not above stealing stuff from other trainers that are solid. I haven't had anyone do a curtsy lunge, maybe EVER. Maybe I will now, we'll see. LOL

Laura said...

I think you should make your big macho guy clients do curtsey lunges. And plie squats. :)

Seriously, I think I read somewhere that a crossover lunge recruits more gluteal muscle fibers than a regular lunge or works them through a greater range of motion or something. It's definitely what I would consider a more advanced lunge variation, though, and you'd have to be pretty selective about who you used it with because I can some crazy misaligned knees otherwise. But that said, I could see it being good for some.

Is the diet like ESE? I sort of lost interest when I saw Brad Pilon was involved. Nothing against him but I'm not an intermittent fasting person myself although I know it works well for many.

Actually, they kinda lost me at "Venus." If I'm going to be a goddess I prefer Minerva or Diana.

stacey said...

CLX does something very similar to curtsy lunges. They might even be curtsy lunges with a different name. She calls them bowler's lunges. Anyway, boy do I feel them -right in the glutes. My considerably higher than they were just 2.5 weeks ago glutes which I am loving!

I am now curious about the Venus Index. : )

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