Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sandi's blog post made me think, I want pizza & wings!!!! I'm in the last 3 weeks of LE & seriously thinking of taking the weekend off (at least until Sunday) & tackling the carb cycling beginning on Monday. I didn't think I was ready but I think it's just that it's Christmas & New Years & I want to enjoy myself with foods I have been away from.

I've gained 3 lbs & don't care. I look good & my jeans are lose at a weight that they used to be tight at. I look really good.

For the first time EVER John noticed my muscles! Yay! That means they are real & not an illusion. lol


Doin the Math said...

Pizza and wings rock! Taking my measurements and seeing +2 inches on B/W/H, not so much. I guess I'm thankful I gain proportionally, but this is a tad too curvy for me, LOL. Appropriate measures start tomorrow, post a meaningful grocery run.

Kim said...

I've been enjoying some "controlled, indulging" myself. Kudos on looser fitting jeans and muscles being noticed!

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