Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello ladies!

I have my annual GYN appt this morning but guess who's favorite aunt decided to show up a week early. I'm going in to the office but anticipate being rescheduled. What a pain in the ass.

There is absolutely nothing exciting (or not) going on in my life right now. The house isn't showing. We're doing okay financially. I'm finished Christmas shopping & for 7 kids & our respective parents only spent $300! We did spend almost that on Erin alone. John & I are not exchanging gifts this year. His staying home is gift enough.

We're off to the Cape this afternoon. Have a great week everyone!


stacey said...

I hope you are having fun at the Cape!

Doin the Math said...

That Aunt really sucks it!

Enjoy the Cape, and YAY on being 7 pounds from goal! Woot!

Wennndy said...

Have fun! :)

TracyB said...

That sounds wonderful!

Last May I talked to my doctor because my bleeding was very heavy. I had this procedure done - - and I have not had a period since. It was even covered by insurance! Maybe it could make your life easier :)

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