Saturday, December 25, 2010

Battle damage

I did this workout yesterday. This morning I have matching bruises on my hips from banging them on the concrete floor of my basement. I have to remember to do this one on carpeting next time.I love that I have battle damage from doing a workout!

We're expecting snow tomorrow. I expect to shovel snow & use my old step to drag John around the yard for cardio. Can't wait!


Wennndy said...

What exercise gave you shoulder bruises? LOL. OUCH! I get them sometimes from our leg press -- pointy collarbones! :)

Wennndy said...

p.s. Did you do hip raises?

Deb said...

That's my hip--I curled my panties up to reveal that lovely bruise. I rolled on concrete. It hurts like he'll today. I am doing hip raises on Wednesday.

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