Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm back

In a sense I have been gone & you just didn't know it. But I'm back. I had a good talk with an old friend today & it was just the attitude adjustment I needed. That & the email those of us from MUM received from Tracy last week.

Tracy--if you are out there, thank you. I needed to hear from you more than you know. Your timing was perfect.

So here's to being back. My blog will now take on the old attitude & intimacy it used to contain.

My workouts & nutrition are doing better. I have decided to stick it out with LE. It is doing me more good than I realized. As an example, last night we went to a progressive dinner where everyone was stuffing themselves with chips & tortillas & desserts. I was able to eat everything but did not gorge. I was able to think about what I was eating without guilt. That's the first time that I can remember ever really doing that. If not for the LE program I probably never would have gotten out the GN cookbook & tried those recipes. I would have continued to deprive myself of good tasting yet healthy meals.

Wendy, I didn't want to do any supplements. I wanted to eat real foods. I don't use protein powders or shakes at all anymore. I have a "fear" of those things. It's not based on any knowledge of anything; it's just me. However, they relaxed that requirement. So long as we eat within an hour of a workout we're in compliance. I eat as soon as I can after I shower & get dressed.

I am down 9 lbs since starting the program & have lost 6" total. I'm not sure about the caliper measurements but according to them I'm down 3%. I'm pleased with how I look--see the Oct 23 pics. They haven't changed from a month ago. I don't think, anyway. I am seeing more definition in my shoulders. I wish I could get a really good picture for you. I have pretty delts! lol

Okay...enough of that.

John has been home for 2 weeks now. It's really nice to come home & have a cup of decaf & dinner waiting for me. He's keeping the house clean & getting all sorts of things done to make the house more presentable should it ever show again. I am able to relax a little.

Money is tight but we're making the mortgage payment for now. We thought about letting it go to strategic foreclosure but the penalties of that are higher than we're willing to pay. You can't buy another home for 7 years. We want to buy a house again. Don't really know why but we do. Rolling my eyes.

We thought John was going to get unemployment because Maryland sent him a letter telling us how much he would get & asking for tax paperwork. A week later he got a letter saying he had a telephone interview...He did that last Monday & we haven't heard a thing since. No check. No denial letter. It's a little frustrating not knowing but on the other hand we weren't counting on it so...If we get it we'll be okay through April with the mortgage. If we don't we are okay through February. We're going to drop the price of the house in January in hopes that we will sell & get out. Whatever happens happens.


stacey said...

Wasn't that email chain just the loveliest thing? I hadn't even realized how much I missed that. I was reading them and thinking, "We used to do this all the time. Why did we stop?".

I so hope you find your buyer. Fingers super crossed for you.

Wennndy said...

It was great talking to you, Deb. :)

We need to stay in touch more, I totally totally totally agree.

I am glad you're sticking with LE and, too, also hopeful that the house sells. If they deny John's unemployment (which I doubt they do) you can always appeal, I had to do that once. But my fingers are x'd on that for you.

Rose said...

I'm sorry I missed the email chain.

I'm glad you are sticking with your program too. It sounds like you have made great progress.

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