Thursday, August 5, 2010

Could you hand me the bar?

This morning I was one of 5 people in the weight area of the gym.  There were 4 guys, a little chippee (I’ll talk about her in a minute) & me.  I worked through my chin-ups, pull-ups, neutral grip pull-ups, DB rows, corner rows, & had worked my way over to the rack to do BB rows.   The guys that were there are the same guys that are always there.   


A digression:


Last week I had started over to the chin-up bar (not the gravitron but the actual bars) & was given a pass to work in with one of the regular guys.  He waited for me to do my 2 little chin-ups & then did his.  We say hello to each other every morning.  It is NOT a flirtation; simply 2 people in the gym showing each other respect.  It’s the same with all of the guys there.  A good morning & get out of my way kind of thing. 


Back to the point:


As I approached the rack the chin-up guy approached me & asked if I would hand him the bar for him to do skull crushers.  You might think he was trying to pick me up.  He was not.  I handed to bar to him & went back to my workout.  There was no further conversation – except for the 2 other sets he did.


So what’s the big deal, you might be asking…The bar weighed 90 lbs!!!!  He asked me!  He could have asked one of the other guys but he asked ME, the little woman in the gym!!! 


I’ve come a long way from last year when I felt like they were looking at me wondering what I am doing in man town.  Now I know I am accepted member!




There’s a new little chippee in the gym.  She’s an adorable, tiny built, Hispanic girl.  Her hair is always coiffed to perfection & her lip gloss just shimmers.  She always wears yoga pants, a t-shirt, & the cutest little hoodies.  She really is adorable.  She’s maybe 24-25 years old. 


I can’t decide if she is serious about her workout or if she is there because the guy she has the hots for is there.  She does her workout in the machine area & then comes over to the free weights where she flirts with one of the muscle-head guys that is there. 


It’s humorous to watch.  He’s trying to lift heavy – REALLY heavy – and she’s there shaking her perky little boobies at him & smiling coyly.  Okay so maybe it isn’t so humorous.  I want her to get the fuck out of my weight room if she isn’t there to work.  lol


My workouts are rocking!  I am doing the workouts with the same weights I was using with my previous sets.  I’m doing 4 sets of 5 right now.  I miss the cardio (can you believe that?) but know that there is a process & in a couple of weeks will be doing EEW (energy expenditure work).  I can’t wait!



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Wennndy said...

yay! On being part of the crew. It's fun, huh?

Pretty soon you'll be flexing in front of the mirrors with them. :) LOL.

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