Sunday, June 27, 2010

Okay need your educated advice

What do you think about Tom Venuto. I'm re-reading The Body Fat Solution. I'm thinking about buying the Burn the Fat set & joining the inner-circle instead of doing the LEP. Trying to save money, in all honesty.

Anyway, has any of you experience with it?



Wennndy said...

Here is/are a deeper question(s) for you.

What are you hoping to get out of the program? What are your reasons for signing up with either one? What do you think they can offer you? Do either of them "click" with you philosophically?

Deb said...

I'm not really sure what I'm hoping to get out of any program anymore. I keep thinking about my diet (in the broad sense; not "dieting" but what I eat) & knowing that it is TERRIBLE! I H.A.T.E. having to watch every fucking thing that I put in my mouth but I have to. Not from a, "I'm prepping for..." perspective but from a, "I could be a fat cow if I am not careful," perspective.

I love what Tom says in his Body Fat Solution. But I also like what John says.

With John, though, the whole, "don't eat carbs unless you earn them," thing pisses me off. I want to eat carbs when I want to eat carbs whether I've "earned them" or not.

Maybe I just need to get back on the program you gave me & get back down to my goal weight & stay there.

I don't want to spend $700. I'm probably just be looking for the magic bullet.

stacey said...

I want to eat carbs too!!! But I can't. Sigh. It sucks. In a way I guess I am lucky because they don't just make me fat. They make me fat, depressed, tired and achy so it is easier to let them go. But I still try once in a while just in case my body has magically learned to deal with them.

Do you think that if you spend the money then you will feel extra obligated to stick to program? Are you looking for motivation?

Good luck figuring it all out.

Wennndy said...

Maybe you don't need to be on any expensive in-depth program, or even the one I sent you. :) I mean, you already know how to nourish and fuel your body. Then again, Sandi did get a lot out of the PN LEP, but ... I dunno. I just don't see that lighting you on fire. I reserve the right to be wrong.

Here's where I get all bossy and trainerish. :)
Personally, I am not convinced that a "program" will make a big difference for you, unless it's very time-specific and focused on a specific goal, or if it's more educational in nature and you follow it for health/educational reasons.

Why do I think this? I've known you for years and you're a rebel at heart, LOL, and after a while you rebel (see how I used it as a noun AND a verb? WHEEEE!) against programs. It's OK and in fact it's cool, smart people tend to do that. That rebel nature is why I think putting your eating into a strict regimen, unless it's aimed at something really specific, isn't gonna do you any favors. And if you DO decide to follow a program, prepare to do a lot of soul searching along the way because you learn a LOT about yourself in the process, as I can personally attest. It's not all good and sometimes, it's very very hard. Personal growth opportunities can really suck. :)

I think if I were you, I'd pull out the Savage Hot for the Holidays eating program and use that for 6 to 8 weeks and see what happens. It's solid, easy, and it works. Definitely put a time limit on it and tough it out. And try to limit the fruit choices to 1 or 2 a day.

I give a program very much like the HFH diet to most of my clients and when they follow it, it works great cuz it's easy and gives some immediate gratification, etc.

Changing how you eat is one of the most difficult things you can do. That's why very few people can do it with great success over the long term. When you want more than average results, it's even harder. There's no two ways about it.

p.s. it took me six hours to write this. Not all at once, of course. but here and there over the course of the day.

Wennndy said...

p.s. the word "easy" shouldn't apply to any diet, including HFH. I think the better word is "simple." It's simple to follow.

Deb said...

WOW! Wendy, you have no idea how much I appreciate the time you put into this. I think your third eye just blew up all over my blog!

The very cool thing is how well you do know me. Not only the rebel without a clue stuff but even what I've been thinking since posting this. I've been thinking that I know what works for me to get the weight off The original plan you gave me months before we started working together worked as did the plan you gave me later--when I followed it. I never even bothered with the HFH plan

I've been thinking that I really don't need to invest in another plan because I already have plans that work for me. What I need is to stick to a plan for a few weeks at a time rather than long term. I wasn't even thinking 6-8 weeks but more like 30 days. If I do it for 30 days, relax it a little, then go back at it for 30 days I might be more successful.

The biggest thing for me is getting down where I want to be & staying there. What I think happened, when I do think about it, is that I went nuts. Okay, I'm done, now I can binge. Well, I binged & gained 10 lbs back. I have stayed at that weight with no problems. Tightening up, loosening up, tightening up.

That tells me that I need to tighten up, drop the weight, losen up A LITTLE, & tighten it up again.

I think might be able to maintain the weight I feel I looked my best if I do that. If I can maintain at that weight for a while if I do decide to do a competition I'll be more prepared. But I have to get my head around this first.

Wennndy said...

Your body will appreciate the slower way to diet, I think. It'll reset your set points. I like dieting that way myself. It's easier! Well, simpler. :)

Kim said...
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Kim said...

.....learning so much! Great insight Wendy. ...following along, Deb.

Deb said...

Wendy is scary good, isn't she, Kim?

Anonymous said...

Well, I will leave the expertise to the experts, but I have two thoughts.

1. Deb, you do seem to get the best results when you are doing something that requires accountability to someone. (I keep typing that "acuntability," LOL!!) When you worked with Wendy, I thnk part of your success was not only the fab program design but also because you had to check in and she was keeping an eye on you, more or less.)

2. OTOH, you already know what to do. I think we keep looking at new programs because we are taught to doubt ourselves and therefore we don't really BELIEVE that we could possibly have the answers and so keep looking for the person who does.

Doin the Math said...

The LEP has changed, since I did it. I found this out when I tried their LEP Alumni program for the free month. People still rave about it, but....

When I did it, you could "see" who was posting. Some days the lessons were from Ryan, some days from Erin. Yeah, they were canned and reposted, I'm sure, but it still felt like Ryan or Erin was talking to you.

Now, it's all automated. It's like the website is speaking to you. Or as I like to call it, "Incoming message from the big, giant head." (Remember "Third Rock"? Loved that show!)

So while the content is the same, it feels a lot less personal, and that was a turn-off to me. Which is surprising, because I'm not really a touchy-feely kinda person.

Just something to ponder while you're pondering. :)

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