Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do you hear that?

Joe is GONE. Erin is GONE. It's so quiet I can hear my own heart beating in my chest & I'm not even working out. lol

Actually it's really quiet. I can't get over how quiet it is.

We got home around 3:30 yesterday. I stripped the beds & did the sheets. We moved the day bed out of the office & stacked the pieces against the wall in Erin's old, old room (she moved into the basement when Joe got here). Erin is taking that at some point. We moved the bed that Joe was sleeping on (Erin's old twin bed) into the office. We moved all of my craft stuff into Erin's old room. I'm still washing all of the linens to be folded & put into giant tubs.

I have completely let my diet go again this weekend. I think now that the kids are out & my life is going to be less busy I will be able to get it together again. At least to get into my old shorts & pants. We'll see.

I'm cooking some steel cut oats for my breakfast this week. I really like them better than old fashioned rolled oats. It surprised me. I'm glad Quaker got smart & has made a less expensive but same nutritional valued product--still more expensive but worth the price.

Joe cut up all of my vegetables & pineapple on Friday night. Despite his poor manners, terrible spending habits, dirty room, & non-stop jabbering, he was a HUGE help around the house & I'm going to miss that.

I am going to grill up a couple of pounds of chicken today. I am ready.

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Kim said...

Atta girl! Right back on track tomorrow!

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