Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a lot about nothing

I’ve been weighing every day (duh) since I got back.  I have dropped 2 to 4 lbs every day.  I’m back down to 152 (from 159 on Sunday) today & guessing that this is where I’ll “bottom” out after the trip.  I can’t imagine that I didn’t gain at least 3 lbs but will see what tomorrow brings.  Shrug.


I didn’t go to the gym again today.  This crud is kicking my butt.  I am tired & my nose is running constantly—I almost want to plug it up with a tissue.  Isn’t that an attractive mental image?  I am debating going to the doctor because I’m having a little vertigo, too.  It’s not bad but it’s there.


As it stands right now I’m considering entering the Novice & Masters classes.  I’m eligible for Grand Masters but don’t know…I’ll take any suggestions under consideration. 


My mother is not happy that I’m doing this.  I didn’t tell her directly but my niece posted on my wall that she wanted me to do a ½ marathon with her in September.  I responded that I can’t this year because I’m doing the comp.  She called me last night & asked what I was talking about.  I told her & she got all, “Oh I hope you don’t make yourself sick doing that.”  WTF? “Mom, I’m not going to make myself sick.”  Then it was, “well, I hope you don’t get too into it & start to look anorexic.”  Give me a break.  That is exactly why I didn’t tell her to begin with.  She doesn’t understand the biophysics behind it & is of the old school belief that it can’t be done without steroids—even though I’ve assured her that I’m doing a natural competition & will be subjected to testing to ensure it is natural.  Le sigh. 


Food today:


¾ c Chobani Greek non-fat, sugar-free yogurt

¼ c strawberries

¼ c pineapple

1 tbs sugar-free vanilla syrup


3 oz turkey taco meat

1 c green beans


3 oz grilled chicken

3 c mixed greens

A sprinkle of shredded carrots

1 c chopped tomato/cucumber mixed

1 tbs light raspberry vinegarette


3 oz steak

½ c edamame


Myoplex Lite Shake

1 c greenbeans


3 oz lean pork loin grilled

1 c zucchini/summer squash/eggplant grilled with olive oil & garlic

1/3 c Kashi 7 Whole Grain Pilaf (this is sold in the hot cereal section at my Shop Rite but it’s all brown rice, barley, & sesame).


I grabbed the shake when I grabbed my lunchbox because I forgot to heat my egg “burrito” & needed to get my butt out the door to work.  I am cooking a double batch of the Kashi tonight so I can start having that third starchy carb every day.  I am also planning on getting some sweet potatoes so I can make those this weekend so I can mix up my starches. 


My plan for workouts is going to be to lift heavy 3 or 4 days & do about 30-40 minutes of mixed cardio; some HIIT, some steady state, some combo thereof, & some Tabatas thrown in a minimum of 5 days a week.  There are a couple of people at the gym that will spot me—one really hot, tall dude with glutes you could bounce a quarter off.  LOL  There’s also a girl that wants to learn to get nice arms.  She’s been around for the time I’ve been there—working with her husband who told her light weights, high reps & has her doing hours of cardio every day.  I told her to knock that shit off.  In front of him.  She works hard & has a nice figure but could use to build some muscle.  I’m also teaching Kimberly how to spot me (I started that before I left).


Speaking of Kimberly, she’s just 2 lbs from having lost 60 lbs in the last 15 months!  She’s down from 340 to 282.  The difference is incredible.  She gets frustrated and wonders if all of the work is worth it.  I keep encouraging her that she’s going to come down in weight to a point where her knees & back won’t hurt anymore & she is going to be healthier than she has ever been.  She’s hasn’t weighed less than 200 lbs since she was a kid & doesn’t believe that she will ever weigh less.  I tell her to shut the fuck up when she starts talking that way.  She’s doing so well & it can be done!  She is going to have surgery at the end of the month on an ankle that she turned & tore ligaments in about 6 months ago.  I worry that she’ll fall back into her sedentary lifestyle & am encouraging her that she can still come & do light, seated upper-body work when she’s off the crutches.   But I also told her that I’m almost going to want to see medical clearance to do elliptical stuff in writing.  She has a tendency to not follow doctor’s orders—will tell me that the doctors have told her not to do x,y,z but do it anyway.  When she does that I tell her she’s working out on her own.


Leanne & Ernie are still working out together.  He’s got her doing all kinds of crazy bodyweight stuff & is all over the gym.  I’ve tried to get her to explain what the goals are but she can’t.  She’s having fun & I guess that’s good but I wish she could verbalize what her goals are & why she’s doing some of the stuff she’s doing.  She’ll never be able to design plans if she doesn’t start doing some homework on her own. 


She has started working on a degree in exercise physiology from Rowan University.  She’s taking a nutrition course on-line.  I thought she would start learning something from that but guess what…NOPE.  She’s got her boyfriend doing her homework.  WTF???  I almost want to call Rowan & tell them she’s committing fraud.  I won’t but it’s tempting.  Besides I can’t prove it. 


I love her to death for the most part but this kind of thing is a little (a lot) aggravating to me.  Why would someone do this?  Stupid girl.



Doin the Math said...

I tried to keep my family from knowing about my comp. You'd think with them being 3000 miles away that would be easy, but it still came up. Same (and Jamey, for that matter) thought I was too skinny, people were asking if I was sick or something because I got so gaunt, etc. etc. etc. Ugh. I never did show my mom my pictures. She'd be mortified that I got on stage "naked". :)

Doin the Math said...

Oh, and does Kimberly have access to a swimming pool anywhere? That would be the optimal solution for cardio while her ankle heals.

Kim said...

My family knew and compared to other's experiences, were supportive. They "got it"... the hardwork, committment to nutrition, etc. My mom and dad showed a tasteful picture of me to a few people who were blown away by my comp condition. Follow your dreams!

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