Thursday, April 8, 2010

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I wanted to hold myself accountable re: my food.  Before that…I’m down to 151.5 this morning.  I have not gone back to the gym because I’m still feeling like crap & can’t drag myself out of bed at 4:00 AM.  Monday is another week. 


I have been eating 99.9% compliant.  I had a Hershey Kiss yesterday afternoon & one this morning.  Just one each time.  It’s hard to walk past that damn bowl in my boss’ office!  However, I found that by giving myself permission to have JUST ONE I don’t want any more than that.  Fortunately I don’t have to go in there every day & probably won’t go in there at all next week because he’ll be out of town. 


Here’s what I’ve eaten so far today:


4 egg whites/1 whole egg scrambled

1 multigrain (23 carbs) tortilla

The tortilla is small otherwise I would toss in some spinach—there’s just no room


3 oz steak

1 c green beans


3 oz turkey taco meat

½ c edamame


¾ c Chobani Greek yogurt

¼ c strawberries

¼ c pineapple

1 tbs sugar-free vanilla yogurt


1 large DD coffee with skim milk no sugar/splenda


Dinner is going to be turkey sloppy joes on multigrain bread with a salad.


I have to perform my civic duty next week.  I don’t know how any other state does it but I have to call in Sunday evening to find out if I have to report on Monday.  If do—I go in & wait like every other state.  Or I could be told to call back at 11:00 on Monday & potentially report later in the day.  Or I could be completely dismissed at either call.  Except for not knowing what the phone calls will bring I don’t mind doing it. 


Whatever the phone call brings my intent is to get my ass back to the gym on Monday & get a good workout in.  If I have to go to the courthouse I will come in & workout before going.  I won’t have to be there until 9:00 so I can sleep a little later.  J


Oh—I’ve listened to the first hour of The Beck Solution.  I got robbed buying the MP3 download from iTunes.  Apparently “CD 4” has some PDF documents on it that I won’t get from iTunes.


Here is Day 1: Advantages of Losing Fat


1)      My clothes will fit better

2)      I will feel better about the way I look


I guess because my fat loss goals are more about vanity than anything else this it for now.





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