Thursday, March 25, 2010

headache--1 day out!

I have a screaming headache!  I just took 2 Aleve in the hope that it will go away.  I’ve been taking Zyrtec & Flonase & doing sinus nasal washes twice a day for about 2 weeks now (prescribed by my doc) but it’s not helping my sinuses & the crud dripping in my throat.  Leanne is trying to get an appt me for me today so I can try something different. 


Tonight Erin & I are going for pedis & some girl time.  Tomorrow I am going to finish packing, clean my house & do some grocery shopping for stuff that will be safe to buy & keep while we’re away (frozen chicken, canned tuna, etc…) & stuff for the kids.  I’m getting my hair trimmed & highlighted.  Then I am going to begin “vacationing.” 


I had a great chest workout today.  Increased my bb bench to 80 lbs.  It’s amazing what having a different goal will do for your motivation & strength!  I only got in 11 minutes on the treadmill.  I wanted more but ran out of time because…


There is a couple that works out together.  Everyday they are on the treadmill with the incline all the way up & power walking.  When they finish he is teaching her to lift.  Light weight; high reps.  For toning.  Sigh.  Today she was on her own.  I walked past as she was pressing an unloaded bar like it weighed nothing.  I walked over & threw 5 lbs on each end.  I watched her.  She told me that her husband told her that lighter weights is how I got the cut in my shoulders.  I almost spit water all over her.  I asked her if she has watched me at all…then proceeded to tell her that I had just benched 80 lbs myself.  I also gave her some form pointers…not dipping her elbows past the bench when bench pressing & keeping her arm straight up in the air when doing overhead French press.  After she finished she came into the aerobic room where I was doing abs with Leanne & told us that she had never felt her tricep before today & that now she can’t lift her arm over her head.  I told her that when I get back I will give her some more form pointers if her husband isn’t opposed ( don’t think he will be—he seems like a nice guy that wants his wife to look good). 


They do this CRAZY functional/conditioning workout that I’m going to do with them one day.  On Monday they had all of the steps & risers spread out on the floor in a stair step fashion—one step with no riser, the next with 1, then 2, etc…all the way to 10 or 12 risers.  The space between is just enough to jump down & then jump up to the next step.  They jump going “up” and turn around to jump “down.”  I tried one time through & could feel my abs, back, hams, quads, EVERYTHING!!!  And man oh man did it get the heart rate up! 


My nutrition is going well.  I’ve lost a pound this week—down to 148.  Woohoo (sarcasm).  I know it has to start somewhere so I am pleased with that. 


The big “challenge” is going to be keeping it off while I’m away.  I’m determined to keep 1 mantra—will this milk shake/piece of cake/candy/adult beverage (whatever) help me to achieve my goal?  I am not going to be as strict as I would be if I am at home but I am going to watch it.  I’m also determined to get in some form of exercise every day (with Saturday probably being an exception).  I think I posted that I know where the fitness center & the jogging track are on the ship.  I am going to use them! I am!!!


 Tomorrow my plan is to get up & do an 40 of cardio—20 minutes HIIT & 25 minutes steady state on my elliptical.  Will make a short post tomorrow I’m sure. 


Doin the Math said...

You are doing so well! :) So proud of you!

I've seen that step drill on YouTube. You can find some crazy/cool stuff if you search "plyometrics". :) Happy hunting!

Rose said...

Ugh @ the headache. Hope it subsides soon.

Bon Voyage!! Have a wonderful time!!

stacey said...

Sorry about the headache.

I can hear (read?) a lot of renewed enthusiasm in your post. That rocks!

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