Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow day x 2

Last night I got a call from my boss telling me the clinic was going to open late because we had no power. This morning I called the base weather hot line to find out the base is closed. This is almost unprecedented. The last time the base was closed two days in a row was 14 years ago in 1996 when we got 35 inches.

Today I'll do upper body & cardio in my home gym. I almost dread using it now. I love the big bars & racks of the base gym.

I didn't have to do any extra cardio yesterday. I kept my "cravings" in check. I didn't want the chips & dips that are still laying around from the Super Bowl. YAY!

Stacey, I do eat a good breakfast everyday. It's not hunger that drives me to this garbage. It's lack of self-discipline. I love salty snacks (chips of any sort) & then I crave sweet snacks(chocolate).


We're expecting more snow on Monday night. I'm crying mercy!!!!

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stacey said...

I hear you on the salty snacks. I especially find that if I skip my fruit servings, which as a long time low-carber I tend to do, that I will find myself wanting the carbs in the evening. I tried eliminating salt for a while and it backfired on me. I lasted about six weeks and suddenly all I thought about was tortilla chips!

Food shouldn't be so hard!

Enjoy your snow days.

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