Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bonus day off! 27 days

John spent Thursday night in MD because we were getting hammered by a nasty snow storm that only dumped 4-6 inches of snow on us. The worst was predicted to & did come during the night.

I set my alarm for 5 thinking I would sleep an extra hour & workout here before going to work later than usual. I got a text from Leanne at 3:50 telling me the gym was closed. No shit, Sherlock, thanks for waking me up. I know she meant well but really with the forecast that was a given in my mind.

I ended up getting up at 6 & started working out at 8--3 giant sets of 3x12. At 8:10 my boss called to tell me that he didn't want anyone reporting before noon because the roads were so bad. I finished my workout & went ahead to take my shower at 10 after cooling down & doing some housework. While I was in the shower he called back to tell me that I should just stay home because the snow had not let up & he was hearing that the roads were still really bad.


I lost 1 lb this week. Woohoo. I'm going to kick it up a notch & reduce my calories a little bit during the last 27 days in the hope that I will lose 2 lbs a week. Don't worry! I'm only going down a little...dropping 3 oz of meat to 2.5 oz this week.


Wennndy said...

Nothing more motivating than results!

I forget. Is your blog private? :) Cuz I was gonna go on a rant about something but didn't want to if it was public, hahaha. O:-)

Deb said...

Rant away -- no one here except the posse.

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