Saturday, January 16, 2010

Workout plans

I posted a link on facebook to an article about the Haitian refugees being brought to NJ. They are being housed in the gym. The gym is closed indefinitely. I know this sounds trite & totally selfish but SHIT. I do so much better at the gym & finally had a little chat with Leanne -- my gym time is about me, me, me, and, oh yeah, me. I think she gets it. We'll see.

Regardless of where I will begin working out again on Monday. I have decided to go back to Wendy's plan from last January--since it's, um, January. I'm going to lift heavy. Very heavy. I am also going to do a minimum of 1 functional workout a week & at least 4 cardio sessions. Unfortunately until the gym is clear of refugees I will be stuck with the elliptical.

I have decided I have to kill Joe. He talks INCESSANTLY. Right now he is sitting across the table from me doing homework & talking, talking, talking about nothing. I swear to goddess he is making no sense at all. He's like a 3 year old that talks just to hear his own voice. I want to kill him.

Other than that the adjustment to having him hear is going well. We all wish he could find a job. He has applied almost literally everywhere. It sucks for him. And me because that means he is here talking. lol


Wennndy said...

Hahahahaha! Family. Gotta love it, when you don't want to kill it. :)

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Doin the Math said...

ROFL! Wanting him to get a job mostly so he's not there talking. LOL! Love it! And "sorry!" :(

Sorry about the gym situation too. I understand completely what you are saying.

Rose said...

It sounds like the poor kid is nervous, adjusting to life at your house. I mean, he's in a weird place: he's a guest, but not really. He'll be OK. You all just need to get used to each other.

(Sending job-finding vibes, too!)

Deb said...

I wish it was nerves, Rose. He told us that his grandmother (who he was living with before coming here) would tell him to shut up because he doesn't stop talking. And he really doesn't. He just breezed into the kitchen muttering to himself as he made a bagel (no wonder I can't eat right--my kitchen has turned into a den of bad carbs for this kid).

I've got to figure my eating plan out TODAY.

Kim said...

I have a brother who does the same thing. I have co-worker that does the same thing, too. They verbalize every thought that pops into their heads. Earplugs. Get them.

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