Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have a lot of reading to do...

I received my Precision Nutrition book today. I did not sign up for the Lean Eating program though was still VERY tempted. Eh...PN will be AWESOME on it's own.

I did Day 2 of The Awakening today. Holy Moly!

A2)Diamond Pushups
A3)MB Russian Twist
A4)OH Broomstick Squats
A5)Wide Pushups
A6)Reverse Lunges
A7)Bicycle Abs - 30 each side
A8)Side to side skaters, 12 each side, rest 2 minutes

I burned 452 calories in 38 minutes. Yeah baby!


Kim said...

"Yeah, baby!", is right! Outstanding, Deb. Happy reading! And kudos on not succumbing to the LEP coaching program pressure. You can do this on your own with the support of like-minded friends.

Laura said...

I know LEP is great and well worth the $$$, but as Kim says, you don't need it. With Wendy's help you've been incorporating many of the PN principles for quite a while now, so at this point a lot of it is probably pretty ingrained.

Besides, a bunch of us are doing PN right now, so we can all support each other. I've even got my DH a little interested in it.

I can't wait to try more of the recipes in Gourmet Nutrition.

Rose said...

Go, Deb, Go!!

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