Monday, January 25, 2010

Fab workout bad nutrition

I am enjoying my workouts so much more since Leanne is working out with Ernie. I hate to say that out loud but it is there. I work harder & get done faster. I have time for 20-30 minutes of cardio AND a good stretch. It's so cool.

I am struggling because Tracy is horrible with her eating habits. Hmm, I think her Grave's Disease has very little to do with her weight problem but could very well have everything to do with the plantain chips, M&M's, Butterfingers, & Girl Scout cookies she ate today.

Every time she took a new bag/box out of the drawer she offered some to me. I said no. Initially. I caved & ate 2 cookies & some Butterfingers hearts. Ugh.

I've had to break out my size 10 Lucky's. Fornicate Me. I have 60 days until my cruise. I have to get it back together.

I have a plan I just need to stick to it.


Kim said...

C'mon, Deb! You can do it!!

Wennndy said...

It all goes back to the old question: What do you want more? To wear the smaller jeans or ... ?

I ask myself this all the time. LOL.

Doin the Math said...

For lunch, I had a fancy bagel (tomato pesto) from next door, heavy on the real cream cheese. Today, that was more important than the skinny jeans. :)

It all comes in cycles. Wanna be extra hot for the cruise? Buckle down! Realizing that you are already hot for the cruise...priceless!

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