Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So Leanne & I were getting dressed in the locker room. She's been training yet another newbie...Today Leanne says to me, "I really like V but I'm not able to get my own workout in when she's there." LMFAO!!! I turned to her & reminded her that I've been saying that for WEEKS.

I had a great leg workout today. 80 lb Squats baby!!! My butt is super sore. Yay!

My diet was pretty good today. I did have one sour dough pretzel log & some cocoa covered almonds (no sugar) but to compensate for the pretzel I passed up on my bread for my sandwich. Just ate the turkey. It was worth it.

Have you seen those? They are FREAKING GREAT!!! Leanne had them in her cabinet. I had 10. I'm going to have to find them. They are Emerald brand & so delicious.

Tomorrow I will do about 45 minutes of intervals on the arc trainer & abs followed by a good long stretch. Ahhhhh!


Rose said...

Go, Deb!

Ok, have you been watching TBL? I'm dying to hear if you have any more scoop on the Green Team.

Kim said...

I *heart* Emerald cocoa covered almonds... my "secret" weapon.

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