Wednesday, January 20, 2010

67 days to go

I did a killer back/shoulder/ab workout yesterday. Today I did Rachel Cosgrove's Get Metabolic. It took 30 minutes. My abs are sore. Yay!

I thought Leanne got it. She doesn't. Today she told me that another inexperienced exerciser is going to be joining us tomorrow. I gently reminded her that I have 67 days until my cruise & that I am not going to be playing. Her response?

"I know. I told her that she's going to have to work really hard to keep up with us."

Even more than not having to take the time to teach someone good form I worry for the newbie because Leanne doesn't believe in starting someone out with light weights. The last time a newbie worked with us Leanne had her using the same weights we did. Guess what? Newbie couldn't walk for a week. And hasn't been back to the gym since.


If the newbie shows up tomorrow I will very tactfully tell both of them that they are on their own. Nothing personal but I am not a personal trainer & I am there to do my own workout & Leanne needs to come up with her own plan.

The gloves are coming off. I don't want to hurt her feelings but apparently the gentle hints are working.

Tomorrow is legs & cardio. 3 sets of 15 for 4 exercises.

Still no word on my new job. I'm applying for a job with Erin's law firm. We can afford the cut in salary I will take but I need a new job. Sooner rather than later.

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Rose said...

Good luck on the job hunt!!

Ugh @ Leanne's cluelessness. Definitely do your own thing and don't worry about the newbie. Seriously, you are not her trainer. She is NOT your problem.

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