Sunday, December 20, 2009

This might be a bad decision but...

I have decided to take a week off from clean eating. I'm not going to go nuts but I am going to loosen things up considerably. No scale watching. I haven't stepped on the scale in two days.

I have a big dinner planned for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day we're doing fondue. Saturday after Christmas we're picking Joseph up & taking he & Erin to Carraba's to celebrate (her choice) her new job & his coming to live with us.

I will eat good amounts of protein & vegis but if I want a cookie I'm going to eat it & enjoy it. Christmas ham on Christmas Eve. Mashed potatoes.

I will work out as usual.



Doin the Math said...

I think that is a fine decision! By giving yourself permission to do that ahead of time, you won't binge in protest instead. Maybe that's just what I would do. :)

Kim said...

Good plan, Deb. As long as you don't go crazy all 5-6 meals each and every day you'll be fine. The holidays and special occasions are meant to be enjoyed and food is a big part of the celebration. ENJOY!

Rose said...

Go for it. No guilt. You'll be right back to clean eating as soon as the week is over.

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