Monday, December 14, 2009

One last post...I promise

LtCol (that's lieutenant colonel) Lenderman & I have had several exchanges in correspondence because of my job. I have to keep the patients' commanders informed of their disability package status. We've "known" each other since August; when LtCol Lenderman came to McGuire.

He told me during the interview that when he got all of the applications he reviewed them, seeing a couple of others that had 15+ years of service as unit secretary. He said he isn't looking for a unit secretary.

A few months ago I sent one of LtCol Lenderman's kids an email, "I've called your cell phone to find the number is no longer valid; I've called your office to get no answer. I need to speak with you before close of business today." I copied LtCol Lenderman.

He told me that as he reviewed the resumes this email came in. He knew that based on my ability to take charge of a situation I was the person for the job. He said he wants someone that can keep him informed of what is going on in his office.

Then he asked me when I can start.

Is tomorrow too soon? I just hope that nothing happens that this falls through.

Okay, workout stuff:

Great workout this morning. Upper body, 35 minutes on the cross trainer, & a fabulous stretch.


Rose said...

I am SO excited for you!! It's quite a testament to your work ethic, abilities, dedication, etc that you are so in demand. I'm not at all surprised to hear it but getting a little outside positive reinforcement always welcome, yes?

Good luck!!!

Laura said...

What Rose said. WTG, Deb!

stacey said...

Go Deb!

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