Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thinking about making this private again

I got a response from someone I don't know today. I looked at his/her profile; there is nothing there to give me a clue. I'm not comfortable with that.

I managed to keep my eating under control this week & so far throughout the weekend. I'm going to need new pants again when this is all said & done. My 8s are entirely too big & my size 6 Luckys are getting rude comments from the girls I work with,"will you get some clothes that fit, please?" LOL It's a very good thing.

Kim & I have not received week 5 & 6 from Cathy. I really like the workouts but her customer service sucks big time. I don't know how Wendy has put up with it. Or why for that matter. I haven't paid anywhere what I imagine Wendy has & this completely pisses me off. If I pay on time I want my workouts on time. Is that wrong?

I went shopping last night & bought 3 new sweaters. I'm very picky about my sweaters--I want machine wash/tumble dry or dry clean. I can't stand hand wash & flat dry stuff. I do not have good luck with that kind of stuff. I found these gems at Lord & Taylor on sale--before Black Friday! I got two of the same styling in purple & grey, and a black one. I love them. I want more.

Erin is getting frustrated with her job search. She is considering going back to school already. I've tried to encourage her to wait. It's only been 2 months since she graduated & the economy sucks. I don't want her to settle for something she isn't really interested in.

Today is total body day. I am going to do it this afternoon. Gonna hit it hard cuz it includes lots of deadlifts--great for my booty!


Wennndy said...

If the response was from someone named "a," then it was a client of mine. :D'

I always got my training on time, like clockwork. It was the other stuff that drove me bananas.

Deb said...

The response was from someone here in NJ & the comment was benign. He/she wanted to compare the cost of college at a 2 year school to the cost of Rutgers (a 4 year school that is nationally ranked). I think this person probably stumbled upon my blog through a search engine.

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