Monday, November 16, 2009

A little catch up

Over the weekend Wendy posted a quote from Susan Koulourides,, that really hit home. “You can’t eercise away a bad diet.” I responded that I wondered if she had been spying on me while I ate 4 slices of pizza. I crave white carbs & when I start I have a had time stopping the consumption. This is not about beating myself up but rather an observation about my behavior. For the first time I noticed how sick I felt after eating. I found that I got out of breath walking up the 10 steps in my house. Must remember this feeling next time we have pizza so I don’t binge again.

I also made note that if I kept my eating under control over the weekend I would be at my final, long term goal of 140 right now. Instead I drop 1-2 lbs Monday through Friday only to gain it back over the weekend. I’ve lost & gained the same 2 lbs for a month now. Must stop that.

My workout schedule sucked last week. I was tired from my trip. I did get in 3 of 6 so I’m not too terribly disappointed. Like Kim, I’m substituting real weights for the bands. I’m sure the bands would be effective for some but first of all I don’t have any & second of all—yeah, so not going there.

This week I’m determined to hit every one of my workouts. I’m so surprised at how much I enjoy these types of workouts. They are not what I’m used to from working with Wendy but I can see why they are so effective. I sweat like crazy & can really feel it.

I’m looking forward to Philadelphia Mania. We’re trying to get a group of 10 together. We have 4 so far. Know anyone that wants to go to Philly with us? Next year I am going to Boston with Wendy (okay, Wendy?).

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