Monday, November 9, 2009

Freaking Cathy Savage!

Kim got her week 3 & 4 stuff. I've not received it despite emailing & asking about it. I haven't gotten a response at all. Knew I was taking a chance but really was hopeful that it was Jodi that was the problem. Guess what...She wasn't the only problem. Dammit.

Fortunately Kim sent me the emails that she received. The workouts are different & really look like beginner stuff but might be functional (I'll know when I do the workout tomorrow). They use bands & very little weights. I'm going to substitute weights.

The first line of the email Kim forwarded says, "In case you haven't received this..." WTF? I haven't received that or any email & yes, I've checked my junk mail & yes, I've received other stuff from them.

This pisses me off.


Kim said...

I'm sorry this is happening to you, Deb. It's totally unacceptable. Since my job is so heavy on customer service, I find their lack thereof intolerable. I have no doubt you can handle the situation on your own but if you'd like me to voice a complaint on your behalf I'd be happy to help. (and I'm sure Wendy would step in, too!)

...and yes, the workouts do lean more toward "functional" and I find it's typical for "jump start" programs to launch with higher rep/lower weight/bodyweight routines.

Wennndy said...

I'm going to send them an email today. Not that anyone will read it, hahaha.

Just do the workouts with intensity. You might be surprised at the results. Once things settle down a little -- maybe after my convention? -- I wanna launch the whole estrogen posse thing for us "seasoned" chicks. :D

Wennndy said...

Just sent short, to-the-point email.

Doin the Math said...

I don't get how some get their programs and some don't, when everybody is doing the same program. Wouldn't you set up an Outlook email group for everyone in the program as Step 1? It seems they are missing some basic IT skills. >:(

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