Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Follow up

I did the first workout of week 3. It kicked my butt! I really enjoyed it. I need to take the next workouts & just shut up about them until after I do them. They aren't what I'm used to seeing & get freaked out by that.

The last part of the workout called for 20 minutes on the elliptical. I walked over to the elliptical cross-trainer area to find them all taken & was headed toward the "regular" ellipitcals when I spotted it...The MOTHER of all machines in my opinion. The Cybex Arc Trainer!!! I almost squealed with excitement. I used one at Wendy's when I was there & LOVED it. I am so happy to have one at our gym.

Wendy emailed Cathy--basically saying that she was embarrassed that she had referred us & that we are not getting our workouts. Of course it was excuses, "everyone is loving the program & I sent it out blah blah blah." I am loving the program but I am not loving the lack of response.

I sent this email on Sunday:

------Original Message------
From: Deb Laks
To: hotforholidays@yahoo.com
Subject: "Hot" question
Sent: Nov 8, 2009 6:06 AM

Hi Cathy,

I was just wondering how often our workout plans are going to change throughout the 10 week HFH program? I've been doing the original workouts for two weeks now & couldn't remember if you said they would change after 2 weeks or a month so I thought I would get clarification. Thanks!

Got this response:

to me
Nov 8 (3 days ago)

I will resend u the second phase babe. It changes every two weeks and so does nutrition!! Sending u shortly!

When I didn't get the second phase (and the babe thing is annoying as hell to me but I'll deal for 10 weeks) I sent this email yesterday AM:

Hey Cathy,
I still have not received phase two. Will I get it today? Thanks

Sent from my iPhone

I got the crickets...

Wendy sent an email on our (mine & Barbs) behalf & literally within 3 minutes of her telling us that she had I got my workouts from Cathy. At some point it was suggested that I check my spam folder...I check my spam folder every time I empty it because I've had other emails go there accidentally. However, I have been receiving everything else from Cathy & her crew so I know that isn't what happened. I don't know what is wrong with her email server but it isn't working.

I sent her an email telling her that I had hoped this incident isn't indicative of her customer service. I don't know; I'm glad it wasn't expensive but I'll be glad when it's over.


Doin the Math said...

Glad you got your stuff, but what lengths to get it! Hopefully you and Barb are now on the "Squeaky Wheel" list and will get priority, LMAO! Way to go, Wendy, for cracking the whip!

Anonymous said...

It seems so stupid that ANYONE would get "forgotten." I mean, you are all on the SAME program, for crying out loud! How difficult is it to create a distribution list?

I'm glad you are enjoying the workouts, though.

Deb said...

I know!!! Funny how I get all of the other junk emails from here but have to fight to get what I paid for. Eh

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