Friday, August 21, 2009

Ernie, the personal trainer

Wendy said, "blahblahblahblahblah, Ernie. You are showing off for Leanne with your Extensive Knowledge and want to keep her confused so you can remain like Confucius." I think he is. He has invited her to a weekend ISSA conference in New York; wants to spend the night, see a show, dinner, blahblahblah, get in her pants...

I'm worried about that because she's in a bad relationship & has a self-identified pattern of not leaving a relationship until she's got a new relationship lined up. I haven't said a word. Yet.

Anyway, I watched him do his active warm-up this morning. In the middle of the fucking weight room where I couldn't help but watch him. And neither could anyone else. I was the only woman there (again). I enjoyed the show. Especially when he stopped afterward to check his heartrate! WTF?

He stopped, held out the arm with his watch on it, bent it at the elbow, looked at the watch, & then put his other hand on his neck to check.

Seriously? Does anyone check their heart rate after a warm-up??? Should I?

When Leanne got in I had to tell her about it. I did compliment him on the active warm-up before I slammed her mentor. I warned her; "I'm going to make fun of Ernie. I just have to."

Sadly, he's probably our age, maybe a little older but such a jerk. I can tell. I started to ask Leanne what his thoughts are on periodization, HIIT, etc...but had to leave it alone.

I did 50 minutes on the recumbent & had a good stretch. Tomorrow Wendy has me doing a circuit & I'll go for a long bike ride in Philly again. I can't wait. No really, I can't wait!

eta: Erin did 3 sets of 2 unassisted PULL-ups tonight. She can do pull-ups but can't do chins. Strange!

Poor thing has gotten secretary spread this summer. She's been working 7 days a week without a day off & isn't eating the way she normally does(very healthy). She's coming to the end of school & only has 1 project left to do before graduation (18 September!!!!) so she's trying to get back to working out. We talked about cardio & I told her to try lifting some weights but not too heavy if I'm not around to check her form. She's so ready to get started again.

I'm so glad I raised a smart woman--not afraid of getting sweaty (really she thinks it's disgusting but does it anyway).


Laura said...

Yes, actually, I do check my heart rate after a warm-up if I happen to be wearing my heart rate monitor. If I'm about to launch into an intense metabolic resistance session I want to start out with my heart rate at the lower end of my training zone. The idea is that I don't want to shock my system by launching into an intense bout of exercise before I'm really ready.

That said, I don't live and die by my heart rate monitor. If my breathing is a bit labored, if I've broken a sweat, and if my joints are moving easily, that's really what I care about.

I'm liking Eddie less and less. I generally don't approve of personal trainers who try to hook up with their clients, though goodness knows it's common enough and under some circumstances I think it can be okay. It all depends on the relationship, really. Very often there are all these weird transference things going on that make it easier than it should be for an unscrupulous trainer to take advantage of an emotionally vulnerable client.

Anonymous said...

"...and want to keep her confused so you can remain like Confucius."


He sounds like an idiot, frankly. A big show-off idiot, and he is probably feeling very threatened by you.

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