Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Decline push ups!!!

I have been terrified of today's workout since Wendy sent it. It started with 3 sets of 15 decline push-ups.


Unfortunately they fried me for the rest of the workout & I had to use 20 lb dbs for chest press & only 10 lbs for cable flyes. I like those! They are fun & HARD.

I worked out with my friend, Kim. She weighs 308 lbs. She's lost 30 lbs since May. She wants to start lifting weights but has LOTS of orthopedic issues; carpel tunnel, knee issues, hip issues, yikes. I'm trying to teach her some things that will keep her safe, make her strong, & help her lose weight a little quicker. I did have her do db chest presses. I started her with 5 lbs. She wanted to go up. Her form is really good! She really impressed me.

She's doing 9 minutes on the elliptical & feeling discouraged but I remind her that she's moving a lot of weight & that takes energy. She's not going to be able to keep up with me & she shouldn't even try. I did not (just for the record) have her do my Wendy workout. She did db chest press, flyes, & Nautilus chest press. She wants more. I'm not going to let her push me into giving her more than she needs to be doing.

Maybe I will consider getting certified after all.

My friend, Leanne, was there. She almost passed out when she saw me in the locker room before the workout. She wants to join us.

I think I might like working out in the morning AT THE GYM. Who knew.

Tomorrow is total body. Then I get an active rest day--I'm planning on taking a nice long walk if the weather is good.

As a final note, I got my Stretch Book & am going to do a warm up & stretch later.


Anonymous said...

Decline push-ups are hard! Did you do them on your toes? You go, girl!

Deb said...

Yep! On my toes! I couldn't believe it. Wendy taught me a kiegle (sp?) muscle move that really helped in stabilizing my core. She said it would make my push-ups go through the roof. She's so smart! I'm so glad I hired her to design my workouts.

Laura said...

It's so exciting to read about your progress. WTG on the declines! Always trust your trainer: she's never going to ask you to do anything that's beyond your capabilities, at least if she's any good. Since you're working with Wendy, that's not an issue. Just trust her, and you'll end up surprising yourself in all kinds of wonderful ways.

Doin the Math said...

YEA! All good stuff in here! ;)

stacey said...

You rock, Deb.

Rose said...

Yay! WTG!!!

Wennndy said...

I'm glad that core stabilization tweak made such a difference -- Yay!

You're ON FIRE!!!!!!!

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